WinNc released

start-download-winncDunes releases WinNc on their website.
New in this version: Quickaccess

What is WinNc Quick Access?

WinNc will keep track of folders wherquick-access-icone you have worked in the past. You can quickly access those folders by clicking on the Quick Access icon or by pressing the spacebar.

Then in the Quick Access box, start to type the location of interest, like ‘windows’ or ‘download’ or ‘projectfolder’.


WinNc will show a list of matching folders ordered by match rank. Furthermore, you can make frequently used folders favorite by pressing the blue star and you can also add more tags (search words) to the actual folder.

WinNc update – extended period for 25% discount



Dunes MultiMedia updated their version of their file manager WinNc (v7.1.0.0) for Windows 10 on their site: winnc.com.  Still available with a 25% discount for another month. (Coupon code WINNC7)

WinNc – A Norton Commander Clone for Windows 10


windows-app-winnc Version | Added on 11-09-2015 | Filesize: 12,0 MB

Update to the major release. Distributed version with latest bugfixes. Download Norton Commander.

Changes in (11-09-2015)

– Bug: Path control not drawing correctly (#570)
– Bug: Bar next to state tabs is transparant, but should be white in Windows 10 (#568)
– Bug: Exception in options dialog after pressing next in certain conditions (#563)
– Bug: Empty search screen after search (#556)
– Bug: Combo boxes settings (#555)
– Bug: Windows 10 theme has small fonts and overwrite large fonts in 200 dpi screens (#549)
– Bug: Settings saved feedback in option pages for certain options don’t show. (#581)
– Feature: Option to disable notifications in WinNc (#579)
– Bug: WinNc has no signed exe when elevating (#575)
– Bug: New tab colors drive bars below panel blue (#573)

Project Timer released

Dunes has released Project Timer – Major (31-07-2015)
+200 Bugfixes and features see http://www.projecttimer.com/releases/

– Ability to run Project Timer in the Cloud to the major release
– Now Windows 10 compatible
– Added invoicing of Project Timer data from the Cloud
– Extra features and filters in bugreports
– Added client connection to invoicing
– Custom invoice template available on request

Direct download: