Dunes Audio Components (Full source single license)




encode supports: Wav, MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC. The component to decode supports: Wav, MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AC3, VOC, M4U, AAC, AIIF, MP4, AAC, RA. The components are simple to use for any level programmer; novice or advanced. All components are accompanied by a help file. Codec suite The library uses a codec class as basis. This codec class has routines to decode or encode different kinds of audio data. All codecs included in your project are available through the global Audio object. The global Audio object creates and auto-detects the input audio format. Audio player The audio player plays data directly from a codec. All features of a player are included like pause, play, set position, volume, etc. It supports almost all kind of audio formats with only a few lines of code: Create the audio player object, attach an input codec and play… Audio converter The audio converter converts data from one audio format to another using only a few lines of code: Create the audio player object, attach an input and output codec and convert… CD Ripper The CD ripper reads the content of the audio CD and it also retrieves the cd information as title, artists, track names from the internet using cddb. The CD ripper can be used in combination with the audio player or converter Codecs: The following codec classes are available: TAudioWAV: This codec handles uncompressed PCM data. TAudioACM: This codec handles ACM compressed wav audio. TAudioMP3: This codec compresses to MP3 using the famour LAME library TaudioWMA: This codec handles Windows Media Audio files. It can read and write to WMA and MP3. TAudioOGG: This codec handles OGG files. TAudioFFMPEG: This codec is based on the FFMPEG library which can encode to MP3, WMA and FLAC and decode from virtually every source. TCDAudioTrack: This codec is part of the CD Ripper